Licensed Psychotherapist

Q: What if I  want to come in for couples counseling but my partner doesn't?

A: Then please come in --I'd love to help. Many people find that as they seek help and make efforts to feel better themselves, the relationship improves. The goal is the same as if your partner attended--to help you create a happier relationship.

Q: How long will therapy take?

A: As you know, each situation is different, but after we meet I'll have a better sense and we can discuss it. Some situations require two or three sessions, others require more. 

Q:  As a therapist, are you going to tell me what to do?

A: I am here to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings so that you can make decisions that will help you feel better. I don't tell you what to do but instead support you as your explore options.

Q: My partner is very charming and friendly, I'm more reserved. I'm worried you will like him better.

A: Counseling is not a popularity contest. Counselors work hard to understand and appreciate each person they see. Our role is to get input from you both-and to involve you both in making decisions, learning new skills--for a happier relationship.

Q: Why don't you take my insurance?

A: In many cases I am not eligible since insurance provider panels fill up and are then closed. I am happy to provide a timely Superbill, however, for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. I also don't take insurance because using your insurance can compromise your confidentiality. Many companies require reports, diagnoses, treatment plans.

Q: My spouse and I have had a hard go of it and I am worried that you will think we should get a divorce and steer us in that direction.

A: The only time I would steer you in the direction of considering divorce or separation is if there is repeated physical violence, or repeated emotional abuse ongoing. This is for your safety. Otherwise, my job is to support you in discovering, and implementing behaviors that will strengthen your connection to each other. 

Q: Does therapy really help? 

Research shows that talk therapy can help many people. Many clients report relief from stress, family discord, anxiety, depression, grief and relationship distress. Other clients seek therapy because they long for deeper meaning in their lives or a greater sense of peace. Having an unbiased third party-- who's only agenda is to help you and listen to you-- can speed along the process to a happier you.

Q: What happens in the first session?

A: You will be invited to share "what brings you here today?"  "What would you like help with?"  Sometimes the answer is not obvious and I will help you sort out what's troubling you by listening to your story. Together we will look at what's not working and  what you have already tried. l may  offer tentative suggestions and possible options for you to consider. I will ask you at the end of our session if you feel understood and if you would like to work together on the issues you presented.

Q: How to I get started?

​A: That's easy--Email me at JensenTherapist@gmail.com; call me at 831-204-8010 and I will be happy to schedule an appointment to meet you. Take me up on my free 1/2 hour consultation. I look forward to meeting you.


If you have a question you want answered, please send it to me on my "contact"  page or by email. Thank you.