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Whether you are single or in a relationship, divorcing, work for yourself, a company or retired ---whether you're 30, 50 or 80 there are times when life gets very complicated and you may feel lost or in limbo. Maybe you feel like you should be able to figure these things out yourself--and many times you can. However, if you have tried and things seem to be getting no better or even worse, it may be time to consult a professional. 

I am very experienced at helping clients figure out what is causing their difficulties and exploring steps you can take to be happier--to have more ease--whether with yourself, your partner, your work, or with your family.

You may have  talked to your friends, or your family about the struggles you are facing-- and that can be a good idea.  But, as you know, our family and friends are inclined to take sides or have a personal agenda. Not to mention that it's difficult for those close to us to see the situation or the issues clearly. Perhaps you have tried self-help books, and there are some good ones, but self help is a "one-size-fits-all" and if you're really struggling, you need help that is specifically tailored for you and what you're dealing with. Most importantly however, is that therapy is designed to consider not only your situation, but your unique history, your emotional patterns, your family of origin modeling, your genetic history, the roll your neurology plays in your emotional life, your attachment history,  and other variables. You're complicated and a simple solution may be just that--simplistic. 

I have been working with individuals and couples for over 30 years and I have a keen appreciation for how important it is to find a therapist you can have confidence in --one who can understand you and help you. I'd like to be that therapist for you.

Since I am relatively new to the Monterey area --after 38 years in practice in Sacramento, I am offering  a free half hour consultation. Take me up on it. You will have a chance to check me out at no cost to you. 

 Don't put off getting some assistance. 

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