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When things aren't working as well as you'd like...

Does your life look pretty good on the outside? And yet, you just aren't happy? As you know, this is not uncommon. Stress, anxiety and relationship issues can upset even the most secure people at times. When you feel unhappy or stressed, and it isn't getting any better, it's time to seek out a professional.

Have you found yourself saying or thinking any of these things lately:

  • I can't believe that he/she did that to me. Why do people treat me like that?

  • How do I get out of this... relationship, job, situation, family fight, mood

  • Why am I still single? Why can't I find the right special person?

  •  Why am I so anxious? Will it go away on its own? 

  • I don't want "therapy", I just want to talk over a few things.

  • I am really tired of feeling this way. I'm ready to change this.

  • I just seem to be unhappy...what can I do about it?

  •  I'm interested in partnering with a trusted professional for this unfolding challenging journey, called life. I'd like someone I can consult with from time to time who knows and understands me.

If you've thought or said these things -- you are not alone. 

Individual counseling can help you.

Most problems in life come from several different sources:

  • Difficult things that happen to us

These are the most painful and often happen to us when we are the most vulnerable and helpless. These of course, hurt us deeply.  And if these feelings are left unattended -- the feelings can impact our whole life: trust, security, who we pick for relationships, how we parent our children, how we experience life itself--- all are impacted. 

Luckily, psychotherapy can be very effective at helping folks who have suffered traumatic experiences. Maybe your whole growing up life was a traumatic experience. Indeed, it is possible, with some work on your part, to feel better and to live a life less effected by your past.  This is very hard to do yourself; the help of a trusted professional is invaluable.

  • Things that hurt because of the way we think about them.

​How we see things--whether good or bad, comes from our unique history, genetics, and our personality. This is where an unbiased professional is so essential because we are often blind to ourselves. A professional can help you step back and see issues or people in your life from multiple perspectives. This ability to step out of your own unique mindset opens up new possibiliteis. Sometimes the ways we think about things is outdated or even dysfunctional. Life can be easier when we have  clear and productive assessments of our situation and the emotional ability to carry out healthy patterns of interacting. 

  • Things that hurt because we are doing something, --which we can't see -- that perpetuates the problem. 

​Sometimes our very best ways of handling a situation (an impossible boss, a dominating sister, a hateful neighbor) are just not making the situation better. Here again an unbiased professional can draw on years of experience in helping people through similar situations,  can offer different approaches, a different understanding, and a strategy that can work.

  • Things that hurt us or unsettle us that are part of moving through life's challenges and stages.

As you know, life has challenges at every stage or situation. We may have the anxiety of building a career, uncertainty deciding about a marriage partner, life changing questions about whether to have children, unexpected emotional baggage that emerges when you retire.  And all of us will experience losses and deaths of things and people we love. This may include loss of status, loss of health, loss of dear friends or family--favorite pets. These life experiences can be overwhelming. A counselor with experience and a little wisdom can help.

Regardless of what types of issues you are struggling with or whatever the origins, whatever your sexual orientation or spiritual beliefs-- I'd like to help. In fact, that's why I am in this profession. 

Let's get started today.

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